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Eggs or chicken, which one first? Finally found the answer.

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Before the egg or before the chicken? Many ask each other such questions. However, many people have not been able to find a solution to this issue. Many sociologists have struggled to solve this puzzle. Because it is virtually impossible to solve this mystery by logic, in this regard, many have said philosophically; this question is actually like a circle, which has no beginning.

Recently, however, the puzzle has been solved in the United States. The real truth has been revealed on one website. American journalist Robert Krulwich has done an extensive research to find out the details of this complex concept. After that, the answer matched. The results were published on the NPR website.

It is said that thousands of years ago, a large bird resembling a hen lived on the earth. Although the prehistoric bird was genetically very close to chickens, it was not a chicken at all. Scientists say it was actually a kind of ‘proto-chicken.’ The oldest predecessor of the hen laid an egg. In that egg, the male partner adds several new features.

Several more mutations followed, which is quite different from that time’s male or female chicken genes. That new species of bird is the original and real ancestor of today’s chickens.

Today’s chicken may have a lot in common with the chicken that was first created. The mutation took place in the egg, giving rise to the original hen, meaning no hen before the egg. So the eggs came before the chickens. So the egg is first, and the chicken is later.

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