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Between Argentina and Barcelona … Messi weakens before “the decisive decision”

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Between Argentina and Barcelona … Messi weakens before “the decisive decision”

On Friday, Messi announced that he would continue for another season with Barcelona, ​​although he wanted to leave, because the club had set a condition for his transfer of 700 million euros.
Although Messi believes that the penalty clause is “illegal”, and that he can leave for free according to a clause in his contract, he indicated that he did not want to resort to the courts against his club, which spent his entire career and represented his colors.
And returned to mind Messi’s crisis with the Argentine national team 4 years ago, when he did not face the harsh criticism of the Argentine press to announce his retirement, before he later changed his mind.
After Messi and Argentina were defeated in the 2016 Copa America final against Chile, for the second time in a row, the Argentine media criticized Messi for his repeated failure with the “tango” team and his failure to achieve an international title.
Messi faced press pressure, and his problems with the Argentine Football Association, to announce his retirement, which caused an uproar in Argentina for weeks.
After retiring a few months, Messi decided to return to represent Argentina again, before leading them in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, when he left the round of 16 against the French national team.

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