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A newspaper reveals the value Real Madrid hid in the Hazard transfer deal

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A Belgian newspaper revealed that the transfer of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid cost much more than the value announced by the royal club.

According to official sources at the time of the transfer in the summer of 2019, Hazard moved from Chelsea, England, to Real Madrid, for 100 million euros.
But the Belgian newspaper “HLN” indicated that the real value of the deal reached 160 million euros, which was hidden by the royal club from the public.
The newspaper said that Real Madrid is paying the costs of the deal in 3 installments, amounting to 40 million euros, 56 million euros and 64 million euros.
It is noteworthy that the Spanish champion paid 40 million euros last summer, while he paid 56 million euros this summer, with the final installment of 64 million euros to be paid next summer.
According to the newspaper, the Hazard deal is the most expensive in the club’s history, surpassing the Welshman’s Gareth Bale transfer deal, which reached 101 million euros.
Hazard is paid 14 million euros annually, in a contract that keeps him at the club until 2024, although he was unable in his first season to prove himself, and failed to fill the void left by the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the team in the summer of 2018.

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