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Honey a 100% natural anti-acne ally

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Honey is an effective natural ingredient against acne. Bokan / Shutterstock / bokan / Shutterstock

Why increase the number of products with formulas that are often incomprehensible, sometimes harmful to health, when we can take advantage of the benefits of nature for specific and targeted needs? Serums, purifying masks, anti-blemish gels, scrubs: what if we got rid of our thousand and one anti-acne products in favor of honey, known for its antibacterial properties. You still have to choose the right one …


Why honey?

It takes pride of place in your kitchen to enhance your breakfasts or gourmet dishes, but did you know that honey also has therapeutic and beauty properties? It is mainly known for its antibacterial properties. Be careful, however, to use it as it should – do not spread your face with a wooden spoon – to enjoy its benefits.

What virtues?

Honey has multiple virtues. Besides its antibacterial properties, it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. In other words, it has strong healing power and is therefore perfect for fighting acne, blemishes, excess sebum, and even your worst enemies … blackheads. However, you must choose the right honey because the virtues vary depending on the flower collected. Thyme honey is ideal for skin problems here.


The little extra?

Like many natural products, honey also has other benefits. While it is more particularly suitable for oily skin, it will also delight sensitive skin thanks to its soothing action, dry skin thanks to its nourishing properties, and mature skin because it helps fight against skin aging.

How to take advantage of it?

The honey-based masks, made with your little hands, will allow you to enjoy all its benefits in association with other ingredients according to your needs. Two mixtures will delight oily and blemish-prone skin: 3 spoons of honey + 1 spoon of cinnamon powder and/or 3 spoons of honey + 1 spoon of green clay. Preferably opt for thyme honey or Manuka honey.

How much does it cost and where to find it?

In addition to its beauty benefits, honey is also very inexpensive compared to the cosmetic products that dominate your bathroom, especially since a few spoons are enough to make a mask. However, prices may vary depending on the desired honey; Manuka honey being among the most expensive. It is also found everywhere, although it is better to favor producer honey, local if possible. Many cosmetic brands are also dedicated to honey, such as Secrets de Miel or Alicia, offering various treatments for the face and body.

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