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We did not qualify by chance and we saw what happened to Barcelona

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Lyon player Maxwell Cornet believes his team deserved to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals by beating Manchester City 3-1 on Saturday night.

“It is a precious victory in an exceptional match that is not repeated every day,” Cornet told Radio Monte Carlo. “I scored again against Manchester City, but we must not lose sight of the importance of teamwork.”

He recalled, “I scored from a long ball that I was expecting to bounce from my colleague Toco Ecambi and hit it directly into the net. Certainly I am very happy. We have a new opportunity to face the best players in the world. We did not qualify for the semi-finals by chance … We worked a lot and did not give up.”

This is the fourth goal of the Ivorian against Manchester City, in the Champions League, where he had previously visited his goal 3 times, when he faced Lyon, in the group stage of the (2018-2019) version.
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He added, “I do not know whether Manchester City did not respect us or not, and the most important thing is that we work very hard every day and perform with great humility, and we must continue in the same rhythm.”

On the semi-final confrontation with Bayern Munich, Cornet continued his remarks: “We know the attacking strength of the German team. We have seen what he did with Barcelona, ​​it will be a very complicated match, and we envy them for their abilities. There is no reason why we should not succeed.”

It is noteworthy that Bayern Munich qualified for the semi-finals by defeating Barcelona (8-2) on Friday evening.

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