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Atlanta fights Saint-Germain with a weapon of determination.

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The Italian Atalanta faces a difficult challenge to continue his amazing adventure, represented by Paris Saint-Germain, who beats the Italian team with everything but morale.

And Atalanta will meet Paris Saint-Germain at the opening of the Champions League quarter-final matches, on Wednesday evening, in Lisbon, in an upcoming match.

The international newspapers likened the confrontation to the meeting of the “rich versus the poor”, in reference to the material strength of the Parisian team, and its battalion full of world stars, against an Italian team that shined thanks to its style of play and the organization of its players.

Huge financial difference

To paint a clearer picture of the great financial difference between Saint-Germain and Atalanta, the star of the French champion Neymar, is paid 36 million euros annually, which is the sum of what all Atalanta players earn annually.

Also, the value of what the Italian club spent to buy its players reaches half of what Paris Saint-Germain spent to get Neymar’s signature from Barcelona, ​​which reached 220 million euros.

Atalanta is distinguished by his striking attacking power, as he scored 98 goals in the Italian league, “Serie A”, during the season, 22 more than the champions of Juventus.

But he will have to solve his defensive problems, facing Paris Saint-Germain stars, Brazilian Neymar and Frenchman Kylian Mbappe, who may participate as an alternative in the second half, due to his injury.

But Atalanta’s real strength lies in his high fighting spirit, and the homogeneity of his players under the leadership of Italian coach Gian Piero Gasperini, whose team was not affected by the absence of a specific star, and relied on playing the integrated system.

Also, Atalanta carries with it the hopes of the “hearts” of the shattered city of Bergamo, which has suffered greatly from the outbreak of the Corona virus, and has become the epicenter of the deadly virus in Europe, so that its streets have become dark “black”, overwhelmed by sadness.

Residents of the northern city hope that Atalanta will lift their spirits and heal their wounds, even a little, with a historic victory over Paris Saint-Germain, on Wednesday evening.

The Portuguese capital Lisbon will host the remaining Champions League matches, the first of which is the Atalanta and Saint-Germain match, with the winner of them facing the qualifier between the German Leipzig and Atletico Madrid, which will be held Thursday evening.

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