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Will Dani Ceballos return to Real Madrid in the manner of Odegaard?

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Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported on Tuesday evening that the Spanish playmaker, Dani Ceballos, may follow Martin Odegaard’s path and return to Real Madrid this summer.
Ceballos spent the last season with Arsenal on loan from Real Madrid for one season.
The Real Madrid administration seeks to complete the work on preparing the team’s list in the next period after the team’s exit from the Champions League empty-handed at the hands of Manchester City.
And after the decision to return Odegaard to the royal club in agreement with Sociedad and the player, the Real are heading to do the same with Ceballos in the coming period.
Sibayos took advantage of his season with Arsenal to raise his value at Real, in light of the efforts of his compatriot Mikel Arteta, the coach of El Janors, to extend the loan period for as long as possible.
Mondo indicated that the idea of ​​the player’s return to Madrid will depend primarily on departing from the royal club next summer, such as Colombian James Rodriguez and Welshman Gareth Bale, Ibrahim Diaz or Isco.

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