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LaLiga … Corona virus hits the bat battalion

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The Spanish football club Valencia announced, on Tuesday, that it had discovered two cases of the new Corona virus in its ranks, but without revealing the identity of those involved.
Valencia said in a statement, “The tests conducted, on Monday, on the first team, the technical staff and the immediate surroundings, in light of the preparatory work (for the next season), revealed two positive cases for + Covid-19 +.”
The two persons concerned were placed in home isolation and the entire team was subjected to a “strict (health) protocol,” according to the club.
The announcement of two injuries among the “bats” comes two days after the discovery of two cases in the ranks of the capital club Atletico Madrid, which are Argentine striker Angel Correa and Croatian defender Shimi Versalico, who will be absent from the team on his trip to Lisbon, where he plays Thursday the quarter-finals of the European Champions League against Leipzig, Germany. .
Atlético retested all team members and the results were negative.
Spain is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, as it recorded 28,576 deaths out of 322,980 injuries.
And although most sports have resumed activity after a hiatus since March, there are concerns that the number of injuries is rising again.
The Spanish capital, Real Madrid, had previously announced that its striker Mariano Diaz had been infected with the “Covid-19” virus before playing the second leg of the Champions League final, but the royal club would not travel to Lisbon because it lost again Friday to Manchester City 1-2, which is the same result that it lost It has a meeting to go home before stopping.
The other Spanish team, Seville, also announced that one of its players had been infected with the virus without revealing his name, which raised concern that it could affect the completion of the European League competition, “Europa League,” which is also held in a mini-tournament, starting from the quarter-finals in Germany.
The mini-tournament imposed by “Covid-19” kicked off Monday by qualifying Manchester United and Inter Milan to the semi-finals, and Sevilla meets Tuesday in the quarter-finals with Wolverhampton in Duisburg.

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