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A match that ends with a “bloody battle” … a player and fans stabbed

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The Sydney rugby match ended with a “heated battle” between two rival teams and their fans, as a quarrel between them led to the stabbing of a player and two fans, according to Australian police.

Officials in the Sydney rugby league said that violence erupted, on Sunday, after a match between the “Wentworth Phil Mags” and “Penrith Brothers”, for those under the age of twenty.

“There are allegations that two soccer teams in western Sydney took part in a post-match battle,” said Grant Morrissey, of NSW Police.

He added, “As a result of this fight, one player was stabbed by a rival player, and two fans were involved in the fight and were also stabbed.”

David Truden, chief executive of the NSW rugby league, said that anyone involved in the brawl would not have a role in the game again.

He added in a statement: “The incident causes disgust. This is criminal behavior, and those responsible deserve legal punishment.”

“When we got to the scene, it was very concerning,” said Nathan Sheraton, the inspector of ambulances in New South Wales, describing what happened as “brutal attacks.”

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