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6 landmark encounters that made Casillas the “Saint Iker”

Veteran Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas announced on Tuesday the suspension of his gloves and his complete retirement from football after a 20-year career.



“Today is at the same time one of the most important and difficult days in my sporting life. It is time to say goodbye,” Casillas wrote, in a statement on his accounts on social media.


Casillas fought a legendary career with Real Madrid (1999-2015), who grew up in his ranks, as the club’s website describes him as “the best goalkeeper in our history.”


Then, in 2015, he moved to Porto, where he won the League twice and the Cup once.


Known as the “Saint”, Iker’s career was marked by 25 trophies and many individual awards, as a result of his remarkable responses and unique interventions.


The Spanish newspaper “Marca” stopped at 8 prominent and historic confrontations during the Casillas march, which is remembered by all who follow the football affairs.

1-European Champions League Final 2002: Real Madrid 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen


His challenges were decisive in the club winning the ninth European Cup, although it was not more than 20 years old at the time. Everyone remembers the response that Casillas made against Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov.


2- Spanish Super Cup 2003: Real Madrid 3-0 Mallorca


Casillas’ flicking of his finger to a ball that he made was an important moment in the match, avoiding overtime.


3- King’s Cup of Spain 2004: Ibar 1-1 Real Madrid

Casillas banned a goal that Gaizka Caesar would have scored from a header. The goalkeeper reached the ball before Caesar did.


4- La Liga 2007/08: Real Madrid 3-0 Athletic Bilbao

Casillas remembers this match as one of the best games of his career, having implemented many challenges, most notably against the header of Francisco Yeste.


5- La Liga 2009/10: Seville 2-1 Real Madrid

Although the meeting ended in defeat, Casillas made a historic standoff against Mano del Morali, as the latter was face-to-face in front of the Spanish goalkeeper, but Casillas’ speed and intuition prevented the goal from being scored.


6- 2011 King Cup Final: Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

Andres Iniesta was in the box of operations to score the winning goal, but Casillas’ fingertips deprived him of the crucial goal the Catalan team needed.

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