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Juventus coach smokes in the coronation match despite the ban

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Italian coach Maurizio Sarri celebrated the Serie A title, with his team Juventus, in his own way, in which he broke the laws and sparked controversy.

During Juventus’ last league game, against Roma, which ended in a 3-1 victory, Sari appeared to smoke cigarettes “surreptitiously” on the stands, although smoking is prohibited on Italian courts.

A snapshot of Sari’s smoking raised her irony on social media, with many describing what the Italian coach did “celebrating” Sari in his favorite way, which is smoking, despite laws prohibiting it from doing so.

Others considered Sari’s behavior very wrong, especially since smoking came during strict precautions imposed on soccer fields.

Sari is famous for his powerful addiction to smoking cigarettes, and even previous Italian reports showed that the veteran coach smokes 100 cigarettes a day.

Sari was never smoking in Italian stadiums when he was a coach for Empoli and Naples in the past and could then smoke in the stadiums.

Upon his transfer to Chelsea, two years ago, Sari was forced to resort to nicotine during the matches, to make up for the banned cigarettes on the England pitch.

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