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An English athlete is considering cutting his foot to participate in the Olympic Games

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An English player only had to think about amputating his foot in order to ensure continuity with the English national basketball team in wheelchairs and participation in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo next year.

The idea may sound crazy and shocking, but George Bates, 26, is thinking about it, and the reason for changes in laws will prevent him from participating with his country in Tokyo.

The International Paralympic Committee has recently passed amendments to the laws, restricting wheelchair basketball to some groups with special needs.

The new modifications allow 10 groups to participate in wheelchair basketball, and Young Pates suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a disability that is not listed in the ten categories.



Bates suffered a football injury when he was 11 years old, unable to walk without aids, and began participating in a wheelchair basketball team since 2013, and became a world and European champion with the England national team.

“I trained for many years, so I was really shocked when I learned about the new modifications,” Bates told Sky Sports. “I had the opportunity to amputate my feet when I was 15, and I chose not to do so. Looking back, I wish I had made another decision.” “It would have made things a lot easier today, but I didn’t think I would find myself in this situation, where the handicap is not enough to play sports for the handicapped.”

And before reaching this difficult solution, the young athlete hopes to win the case he filed in order to allow him to continue with the England team, and said, “There are things I can try to do before making this decision, but I have to start thinking about it now because it is not a decision that can “I have another 10 years of my career. I have to live the rest of my life this way, so this is a big decision.”

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