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Blatter calls to expel Infantino from FIFA

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Former FIFA president Joseph Blatter on Friday called for the suspension of incumbent President Jani Infantino, after opening criminal investigations against him in Switzerland, in “FIFA Gate”.
“Things are clear: that the FIFA Trustee Committee must investigate Mr. Infantino, and therefore it must stop him,” Blatter said in a statement.

On Thursday, the Swiss authorities announced that they had begun criminal investigations against Infantino in connection with meetings between him and the Swiss Prosecutor Michael Lauber. The two deny any wrongdoing.

The authorities suspect that the two are involved in “abuse of power”, “violation of confidentiality of work”, “assisting violators” and “obstruction of criminal procedures”, and say that these accusations fall within the complex corruption case known as “FIFA Gate” which includes “buying votes” To get the rights to organize the 2018 World Cup in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.

Blatter the FIFA Trust Committee suspended him and banned from any activity related to the game after that, after criminal investigations against him in Switzerland in 2015.

Investigations are still going on, and Blatter, who denies wrongdoing, has not been charged, but Sassari was forced to resign after the financial corruption scandals that rocked the Football Association.

It was clear that there had been a struggle between Infantino and Blatter in recent years, but it had recently turned into a war.

FIFA, headed by Infantino, officially requested the Swiss judiciary to investigate a corruption case led by Blatter related to the rights to broadcast the World Cup matches in 2010 and 2014 in the Caribbean, due to financial losses suffered by the Union.

But it seems, according to observers, not about financial losses. Rather, it is due to the suspicion of corruption hovering around it.

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