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Bell sets a condition for Real Madrid to leave

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The Welsh player, Gareth Bale, has set a condition that might be considered incapacitating in order for him to leave Real Madrid, crowned La Liga title.

The French “Le 10 Sport” website stated that Bell, 31, will not accept the departure from the royal before his contract expires in 2022 unless he signs for a club that gives him the same huge salary that he receives in the riyal.

This is a major dilemma. Although Bell has become a supporter of Real Madrid since last season and has become a heavy guest on the bench, he is one of the most players in the world in terms of the annual salary of 30 million euros.

Bell has ended for Real coach Zinedine Zidane, who did not participate in the stadium in the last six games in the League, and the coach previously announced at the beginning of the current season that the player will leave the team, expressing that this will be done quickly.

Despite Real’s indulgence in exchange for cutting Bill, he failed to get rid of him because of his huge salary that no club could pay, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, with the stubbornness of the player refusing to reduce the salary.

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