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Video .. Trump plays “baseball” in the White House

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US President Donald Trump on Thursday evening posted a video on his official Twitter account playing in the White House south park after the end of the baseball press conference.

Trump appeared in the video, exchanging baseball with Mario Rivera, a baseball Hall of Fame player in the United States, in preparation for the start of the 2020 major league season that was delayed by the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.


During a conversation between Rivera and Trump, the US president said that the revival of the Major League Baseball is extremely important as the country is reopened after the massive impact of the emerging Corona virus.



Trump, who awarded Rivera the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year, added: “You were the greatest loyalist ever. You have had the stadium where you have broken so many numbers.”
In the video, a number of children appeared exchanging the ball in a spectacle scene in the South Lawn of the White House shortly before the New York Yankees’ World Championship team, National Washington.

And on the match, Trump said: “If I can, I’ll do. I’m going to see part of it at least. I’ve been very busy between China and Russia and North Korea and about 30 other countries, but I’m definitely going to get a little bit of it.”

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