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The Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic made comments that could provoke numerous criticisms, hours after his team Milan Grand beat Juventus, Serie A, on Tuesday.

The Swedish striker who returned to Milan last December to take a second term with the club always boasts himself, and he scored the goal that started the Milan Uprising with a penalty kick, after a 2-0 delay.

But Ibra, 38, considered in a statement that many do not see the fact that Milan would have crowned the Italian Serie A title if he had joined the team at the beginning of the season.

Ibra said: “I am sorry that I attended midseason. If you were here from day one we would win the title.”

After his replacement on Tuesday, Ibrahimovic was excited about players outside the lines.

“I am a president, coach, and player, but I only get the salary of a player, and that is the downside,” he joked.

Milan is seventh in the league after 31 rounds, with a wide difference of 26 points from Juventus.

With Ibrahimovic back, he scored only 5 goals in 11 games, but the team has lost just twice since its arrival.

The Sultan also hinted that he would not extend his contract with Milan after the current season, saying, “This is not a secret. I am old, but it is only a number (…) I do not have the same physical abilities as before, but I can overcome that with my intelligence.”

He continued: “I want to feel I am still alive in the competition and I want to continue playing.”

The Serie A matches are played without fans due to the Coruna epidemic, and Ibrahimovic bemoaned the absence of the fans to witness the epic victory in San Siro last night.

“The scene would have been great if the stands were full. I have one month to enjoy, and then things will be out of our control and I apologize to the fans for not meeting them personally.”

“They could have watched me directly last time. Read between the lines,” he said.

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