Federer is the most income athlete


  • American Friday Forbes ranked Roger Federer, the world’s highest-income athlete, with an annual income of $ 106.3 million, becoming the first tennis player to head the list since its launch in 1990.

The 38-year-old Swiss, the holder of the record number of Grand Slam titles (20), went from fifth place in the “Forbes” ranking for 2019 to first place this year.

And the American magazine pointed out that Federer’s revenues before the withholding tax amounted to $ 6.3 million in course prices and 100 million in sponsorship and marketing contracts.

Federer, according to Forbes, is the second active athlete to raise $ 100 million in sponsorship contracts in a year, after American golf legend Tiger Woods.

The magazine quoted the University of California sports economics professor David Carter as saying that the Federer brand “is original, and that is why those who can afford it (marketing) can boast about it”.

Federer has advanced in the new ranking of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian player of Juventus, whose total revenues have reached 105 million dollars.

But unlike Federer, Ronaldo derives the majority of his income from the contract binding him to his club, which Forbes estimated at $ 60 million.

As for the third, it was also a football star, the Argentinian Lionel Messi, captain of Barcelona, ​​with 104 million.

Fourth, Neymar’s Brazilian striker, Paris Saint-Germain ($ 95.5 million), and fifth LeBron James, the player who plays in the NBA Lakers (88.2 million).

Japan’s former world number one tennis player Naomi Osaka was first in mathematics with $ 37.4 million and ranked 29th.

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