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The NBA players want to return but ..


T. Mitchell Roberts, executive director of the NBA, confirmed on Tuesday that the vast majority of players want to resume the season, but “need a certain level of certainty” in the return plan.

Roberts said most of the players supported the idea of ​​resuming the season which was suspended in mid-March due to the new coronavirus epidemic.

“The time has come,” she said in a statement to the US “ESPN” network. Two and a half months have passed since then and what if? Players need a certain level of certainty. I think everyone wants it. ”


Players began training individually at their club facilities, awaiting the promised plan to resume the season in late July at Disneyland Resort in Orlando, Florida, although the final details of the plan have yet to be determined.


There have been discussions between players ’and players’ associations about resuming the season, and Roberts said in this regard that she intends to speak with players from all thirty teams during the next week to inform them of security measures to prevent them from infection and what will happen if the player becomes infected with the virus.


“Our men need to know that. The certainty will be good. But the players really want to play.”

Owners of NBA clubs are planning a conference call on Friday that may reveal more details about “Coved-19” guarantees and a full return plan.

She explained that the Players Association will not necessarily need to vote on the return strategy and said, “If we think we need a vote, we will do so. But our favorite way is to talk to people or get them to talk to us, and if we feel unanimous, we can move forward.” Chat with our players and discover that. “

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