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The first sumo wrestler dies from corona virus.

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A 28-year-old sumo wrestler died in Japan after contracting the emerging coronavirus and several members of his body failed, becoming the country’s first victim of the virus in traditional sport, according to the local federation. After suffering from the virus more than a month ago, Shibushi, the lower level wrestler and member of the Tokugawa team, died on Wednesday in Tokyo.

The wrestler had a temperature rise on April 4 and 5, but he had communication problems with the public health authority’s office because the telephone lines were constantly busy, according to a statement from the sumo association. After refusing to receive him from several hospitals, he was finally admitted to a Tokyo hospital on the evening of April 8, after coughing up blood from his mouth.

The result of the first “Covid-19” exam was negatived, but the second he underwent on April 10 was positive after being transferred to another hospital, where he was placed in intensive care on the 19th of the same month.

“We cannot find words to describe the broken heart of his family,” said union leader Takako. “It was very painful for him to cope with the disease for more than a month, but as a sumo wrestler, he persevered, stood up, and endured until the end … We hope that he will remain in peace now. ”

The results of some lower-class gladiators and trainees have been positive, in addition to the manager of the Sumo team in Japan. The pandemic has forced the federation to cancel its next tournament, scheduled for this month. A course was canceled once in half a century, in 2011 due to a rigging scandal.

The “Basho” spring championship was held in Osaka last March without fans, while some referees surrounded the wrestlers in an empty hall. The event was broadcast live on the official channel, where the feet of the gladiators were heard on the muddy ground.

Some rituals have been modified in the direction of the traditional water bucket given by the winner to the next participant on the track. There are six annual sessions across Japan, and the federation hopes to host the next closed-door tournament.

The spread of the virus was relatively limited in Japan compared to other countries, and it killed 668 out of 16,000 cases, but the government has declared a state of emergency in various parts of the country.

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