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The Liverpool coach compares Messi to Ronaldo

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp compared Liverpool’s capabilities to Lionel Messi Barcelona and Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Klopp, who previously faced the two stars, explained each other’s characteristics and how he saw their potential, which could always make a difference at all levels.

He said in comments reported by “sports. ru” Messi is the best. But I have unlimited respect for Ronaldo. I will explain it this way. We played against both, and against both, it was almost impossible to defend the goal.

And the German coach continued: “If it were possible to draw an ideal football player, he will be a player with the status of Ronaldo, he can jump high and run quickly like Cristiano. Then I would add to the way Ronaldo treats football – his handling is impeccable and professional, and he can’t It would be better,” according to what Russia quoted today.

“Messi makes it very simple. So I like him a little more (than Ronaldo). But Cristiano is a great player too.”

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