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The departure of Vettel and Locklear the first Ferrari driver.

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The king died, the king lived! The joint decision between Ferrari and its German driver Sebastian Vettel
The king died, the king lived! The joint decision between Ferrari and its German driver Sebastian Vettel to separate at the end of the season left Charles Locklear at the forefront of Scuderia drivers.
And if the official statements of Ferrari officials this year that driver 1 and driver 2 did not exist, unlike last year when the armband tended to the German because of his experience and his four world titles, things have changed now, especially since Locklear from Monaco and the latter is younger. The driver sitting behind the Ferrari steering wheel when joining the Wild Horse team in 2019 is a long-term investment.
Locklear, now the only Ferrari member in the Formula 1 fold, renewed his contract last December until the end of 2024.
Locklear has been able to land since joining Ferrari in the summer of 2019. Asked about new Ferrari manager Mattia Binotto about the team’s hierarchy in his preparations for the 2019 season after joining Vettler, he said: “They have the freedom to compete” but in the “uncertain situation”, the Vettel is “the hero.”
The selection of  Binotto was logical, as they crowned Vettel world champion four times, all in Red Bull rankings, and had magnificent track experience, while Locklear was his second season in Formula 1 and first in the Red Team.
Locklear discovered for himself that he was not the number one driver in the Grand Prix’s opening race when he scored faster times than Vettel, but the team’s “higher authorities” prevented him from hitting his teammate.
In the next race, Leclerc managed to get the first place when the Bahrain Grand Prix was launched on the Sakhir Circuit and outperformed Vettel without prior agreement with the senior officials of the team and was not deprived of his first coronation, except for a technical failure.
Locker was also the one who unlocked the number of Ferrari wins, especially during the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps before Scuderia achieved his first victory in Italy since 2010.
Locklear’s popularity with Tivozi increased thanks to his talent, ambition, and charm that he enjoyed, especially since he speaks Italian fluently.
Locklear won praise in the local media and said: “La Gazzetta Dello Sport” won everyone’s hearts: La Scuderia, Ferrari fans loved her within six months of joining, “unlike Vettel, who had not given Ferrari a title for five years. With the team.

In search of Vettel’s successor.

And if the competition between them reaches its climax in the collision between them in the Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of last season, the two peoples are “in a very good agreement,” according to Ferrari officials.
Locklear hastened to greet Vettel on Tuesday on social media by saying, “To be your classmate makes me very proud. We have lived tense moments on the track. The good between them and them has not ended as we desire but always with mutual respect, although this did not appear to the outside world.” I had not previously learned as I learned with you. Thank you for everything. “
The question arises as to who will be the driver to replace Vettel in 2021, and what are the effects of this option on Locklear?
Transporting Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari is no longer on the table as it has been for some time, especially after comments he made in recent weeks confirming his desire to stay in the ranks of Mercedes.
Things seem to be limited to three drivers: Spanish Carlos Sainz Jr. (McLaren), Italian Antonio Givenchy (Alfa Romeo) (Alfa Romeo) who is another Ferrari graduate, or Italian of Italian descent, Daniel Ricardo (Reno).

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