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Cristiano Ronaldo will play until forty


Joao Aroso, a former Portuguese fitness coach, said that Cristiano Ronaldo loves Juventus and can play until the age of forty if he is not injured. Aroso told the Italian newspaper.” Gazzetta Dello Sport.” A device like him (Ronaldo) can do everything because he knows his body well and listens to him and can turn it on and off when he wants it for training, he will try to move on the field several times without injury, he can play until the age of forty. ”

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal is to appear in Juventus matches within a few weeks, and he is in the same condition he was two months ago,” said Eraso.

Juventus recently recalled its players, with the possibility to return to football in Italy, as in the German Bundesliga, Premier League, and other European leagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Turin, where the 35-year-old has resided on the Portuguese island of Madeira, his birthplace, in recent weeks, training regularly to maintain his physical and physical condition.

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