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Aubameyang will not go to FC Barcelona

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You can be in the realm of Real Madrid interest and play with Barcelona, ​​or even negotiate with the royal, then go see the League champion, but when you publicly declare your trends, you cross the red lines.

Months ago, sports newspapers chased Gabonese news, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, and deepened almost daily on the issue of his pursuit with Arsenal, while Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Manchester City made the headlines, but the data has now turned and it is almost impossible to leave for Barcelona.

The incident was due to an announcement by Aubameyang, the top scorer in the Premier League, about his desire to play for Real Madrid, who is called to cross the red lines for Barcelona management and fans (and vice versa), especially since previous experiences have proven: “If you declare publicly that you want to play with Real Madrid, you have to forget about Barcelona.”

What did Aubameyang say about Real Madrid?

Aubameyang’s statements did not accept the controversy, as it was very clear when he said: “Two years before (the death of my grandfather), I promised him to play for Real Madrid one day, he was d’Avila, not far from Madrid, and that’s what I told her. ”

“I know that such things are not easy, but they remain in my memory,” he added.

Aubameyang specifies: “I saw many videos of Hugo Sanchez (the legend of Real Madrid)”, noting that he liked very much the Mexican player.

News about Aubameyang’s proximity to Madrid

And the relevant newspapers went out on Sunday to talk about the news from Real Madrid approaching the annexation of Aubameyang (30), in conjunction with statements by one of the best players in Africa today.

The Mirror newspaper indicated that the Spanish team awaits a response from Arsenal before June 15 to resolve the decision to renew the contract of Aubameyang or allow him to leave, especially since he will leave with a transfer-free in summer 2021.

According to the newspapers, the Aubameyang agreement could be concluded in conjunction with the final transfer of Sibayos to Arsenal, the English team being somewhat convinced of the level of Spanish loaned to its ranks.

Where will Aubameyang play?

The future of Aubameyang is closely linked to what Real Madrid has in mind and to the strategy of its French coach Zinedine Zidane, who always remains loyal to his compatriot Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid is expected to play with outright forwards with tactical roles similar to Ronaldo, and Aubameyang has proven its ability to adapt to playing with a second striker after the success of his experience with the French Lacazette at Arsenal.

Aubameyang will contribute to the lack of congestion at the center of Real Madrid’s spearhead, while Jovic seems to be leaving, and Mariano has yet to convince royal officials.

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