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Top 10: South Americans in the Belgian Championship.

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Top 10: South Americans in the Belgian ChampionshipLucas Biglia and Carlos Bacca feature prominently in our top 10.



  1. Nicolás Pareja
    Nationality: Argentinian
    Date of birth: January 19, 1984
    Club: Anderlecht (2006-2008 / 60 matches, 1 goal)
    The first witness to a fairly large presence of defenders on our list. And essential. The rough Argentinian has formed a solid purple duo with Roland Juhász. After taking off from Anderlecht, he won the Europa League with Seville twice, even winning a place in the competition eleven in 2014, notably in the company of a prestigious teammate: Ivan Rakitic.

  2. João Carlos
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Date of birth: January 1, 1982
    Clubs: Lokeren (2004-2008 & 2016/214 games, 8 goals), KRC Genk (2008-2011 / 173 games, 11 goals)
    This classy defender shone during his passage on our lawns, which led him from Lokeren to Genk with a Belgian Cup won in Limburg. Subsequently, his trajectory led him to Russia, where he still enjoyed Spartak Moscow and Anzhi for a long time.

  3. José Izquierdo
    Nationality: Colombian
    Date of birth: July 7, 1992
    Club: Club Bruges (2014-2017 / 117 matches, 38 goals)
    From his arrival in 2014 to his departure for Brighton three years later, he has averaged one goal every three games for the Club. Rewarded with a Golden Shoe in 2016 and become Colombian international, he was present in the Cafeteras group during the World Cup in Russia. His smile, his zest for life, and his solar temperament made him one favorite of the Bruges public.

  4. Luis Oliveira
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Date of birth: March 24, 1969
    Club: Anderlecht (1988-1992 / 95 matches, 36 goals)
    We were in all our states in the early 90s, when Luis Oliveira left his roots behind to become the Red Devil. The elegant Brazilian had helped Anderlecht to conquer the title in 1991, scoring 18 goals throughout the season. A total he would never reach again, except during a season in Como, in Italian D2. He finally hung up his crampons at age 43.

  5. Juan Carlos Oblitas
    Nationality: Peruvian
    Date of birth: February 16, 1952
    Club: Seraing (1981-1984 / 84 matches, 15 goals)
    The artist Oblitas was one star of Peru, whose colors he wore 63 times, notably by taking part in the 1978 World Cup. Winner of the Copa America in 75, he helped Seraing to join the elite with the contribution of his compatriot Percy Rojas. For the next three years, he was one of the most enjoyable players in our competition.

  6. Dante Bonfim
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Date of birth: October 18, 1983
    Clubs: Charleroi (2006-2007 / 27 games, 2 goals), Standard (2007-2009 / 88 games, 3 goals)
    In lack of playing time on the Lille side, Dante finds himself in Charleroi in 2005. His performances make such a powerful impression in the Zebras’ defense that his famous tuft of hair will quickly arise in Sclessin. Champion with the Rouches, he finally took the road to Germany in January 2009. Having left Gladbach, he ended up at Bayern, crowning his career with success in the Champions League. He is now still active in Ligue 1, under the colors of Nice.

  7. Carlos Bacca
    Nationality: Colombian
    Date of birth: September 8, 1986
    Club: Club Bruges (2012-2013 / 54 matches, 31 goals)
    Arrived quite late in Europe, he was already 25 years old when he joined Bruges, in January 2012. After a few months of adaptation, his 2012-2013 season consecrated him as the country’s top scorer, with 25 roses planted which offered him a one-way ticket to Seville, where he will win two Europa League ranks.

  8. Matías Suárez
    Nationality: Argentinian
    Date of birth: May 9, 1988
    Club: Anderlecht (2008-2016 / 241 matches, 68 goals)
    In 2011, he became the first South American to win the Golden Shoe. An award that recognized her exceptional elegance, her geniuses, and her divine touch, all attributes which had earned her the deserved nickname of El Artista. His knee problems made him miss a lucrative transfer to Russia, and his story with Anderlecht ended badly, but he still rewarded the purple public with a few high-class actions before returning to the country to treat the Argentine public.

  9. Lucas Biglia
    Nationality: Argentinian
    Date of birth: January 30, 1986
    Club: Anderlecht (2006-2013 / 303 matches, 16 goals)
    El Principito has received at least as much criticism as praise during its purple period, but four titles and a Cup have silenced most of its detractors. His simple but precise passing game was one engine of the purple game. Having become a safe bet at Lazio after years of wanting abortions, he then joined AC Milan for a successful career in 2014, when he played in the World Cup final with the Albiceleste.

  10. André Cruz
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Date of birth: September 20, 1968
    Club: Standard (1990-1994 & 1999/117 matches, 19 bu

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