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Messi | Aubameyang| Pogba and Ramos can play in one team!

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The British newspaper The Sun has prepared a remarkable report citing a terrifying squad of a team that includes Messi, Aubameyang, Pogba, Ramos, and other football stars.

Messi | Aubameyang| Pogba and Ramos can play in one team!

With the spread of the Corunna virus, complex discussions are continuing with players on the renewal of their contracts. It depends not only on the end of his association with his team at the end of the season or the upcoming winter transfers but extends to a constellation of legends whose contracts end in the summer of 2021.

The British newspaper The Sun prepared an enlarged report in which it formed a team of 11 players in a basic formation according to which the biggest clubs of the world wish to obtain the services of any player in exchange for reasonable material costs, but the strange thing is that they are available for free from next summer, as most of their negotiations have now stopped due to the coronavirus.


The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has led to social disruption in most European countries, so club officials do not meet the players and have imposed new financial conditions following the heavy loss of teams due to the cessation of sports activities in the past few weeks.

The team that will play with a 3 – 5 – 2 plan came in case it was imagined that they would join a team:

Goalkeeper: Italian Donna Roma (Milan).

Defense line: French Upamecano (German Leipzig)- Spanish Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Austrian Alaba (Bayern Munich).

Midfielder: French Pogba (Manchester United English), Spanish Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich), Argentinian Lionel Messi (Barcelona), German Sani (Manchester City English), Colombian James Rodriguez (Real Madrid).

Frontline: Gabon Aubameyang (Arsenal), Argentina Aguero (Manchester City).

Each of these players has a different story from the others, some of them take constant steps to renew themselves for a year or more, and some fight against other clubs to join them, besides those for which they do not there is no clear sign of the rest of his career.

And keeping in mind that the approach of the end of the players’ contract period gives other clubs a preference to bring them at reasonable prices due to the pressure on their clubs who will be forced to leave them free of charge at The summer of 2021, the details of the future of some of these players are as follows:

Messi is definitely at the top of the list, as the legend of Barcelona is unimaginable now that he leaves Camp Nou, but at the same time, he remains a legitimate target for Guardiola with Manchester City.

English Premier League holder looks at stalled negotiations between Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid and tries to find a way to get ideas from his German player Leroy Sane, who had been a candidate to settle in Bayern Munich During months.

In Germany, his hero tries to preserve Thiago Alcantara, 29 and is also considering the possibility of including Rodriguez, whose days seem to be numbered with the royal.

Aubameyang is one of the most frequent names on the transfer market, amid reports of his refusal to renew with Arsenal and the same situation for the talented Upamecano, who is also awaiting his departure from Leipzig for Bayern.

Paul Pogba’s transfer case remains one of the most complicated stories given the temperament of the world champion and the influence of his agent on his decisions and the situation is no less expected regarding Donnarumma.


The starting composition of the constellation whose stars will end in 2021 does not widen if we have to put on the bench the Argentine replacements of Maria de Saint-Germain, goalkeeper Noyer Bayern and Croatian Ivan Rakitic, means Barcelona and the German Massoud Ozil, the architect of Arsenal, without forgetting Lingard and Deby.

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