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Koe. Athletes warn against taking steroids.

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Briton Sebastian Coe, president of the International Athletics Federation, warned athletes on Friday that they would be “caught” if they doped in the current period, during which testing is difficult because of the emerging coronavirus crisis.

Kuo said . For the German channel “Deutsche Welle”: “It is clear that due to the total closure, curfews, and international travel restrictions, the (doping) test is more difficult, but no one should think there are no tests at all, they exist. ”

The 63-year-old former runner added: “I want to send a clear message to athletes (you don’t think it’s a test-free period, it’s not like that … (If you choose to get out of the integrity of our sport, you’ll be taken.”))

The spread of the “COVID-19” virus has paralyzed most sporting events around the world, including athletics, which has had a large part of its consequences, particularly with the postponement of the Olympic Games scheduled for Tokyo from summer 2020 to next year.

This delay prompted the International Federation for the “Mother of the Games” to postpone its world championship in the American city of Eugene from 2021 to 2022.

The European Athletics Championships, scheduled to take place on August 25-30 in Paris, were canceled on Thursday.

Covid-19 has also affected the 2020 athletics calendar, as eight key dates for this season have been canceled or postponed, without specifying new dates for their establishment.

Kuo said the global epidemic will have financial consequences for athletes, hoping that competition will resume in 2020.

The former mid-distance runner said, “It’s not just about not having competitions – they (the athletes) have contracts and sponsors.”

He continued: “There are also problems with television broadcasting – if there is no competition, no cash prize … and therefore the first desire is to organize competitions.”

Ko hoped the athletes would return to training soon this year, adding, “Many of them have remained healthy, trained at home, on the veranda, in hotel hallways, and on the streets. Of course,  don’t not being able to run outside your home is a big challenge. ”

Ko also stressed the importance of the health worker, explaining: “We want to put them back into competition as quickly as possible, but with the greatest security.”


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