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Masoud Ozil refuses to cut his salary in Arsenal.

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Ozil “tweet” outside the squadron of “Gunners” refuses to cut his salary.


Arsenal footballer Messaoud Ozil has refused to cut his salary despite most club members agreeing to cut their wages by 12.5% ​​for the financial crisis the club is going through after the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, and Premier League games have ended.

The Turkish-born player decided not to reduce his salary and set a condition for accepting the reduction, which is to review the club’s financial reports, although Masoud Ozil receives the highest salary among Arsenal players. 350 thousand pounds a week.

Ozil is facing a fierce attack from Arsenal fans who were shocked by his refusal to cut his wages and unleashed a storm of criticism on the social media player, according to the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

The team’s agreement to cut wages ran into a money-back guarantee and an estimated £ 100,000 bonus for each player if they qualified for the UEFA Champions League, while the value of the reduction salary will be reduced to 7.5% if the team qualifies for the Europa League competition.

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