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Barcelona sells the name of Camp Nou.

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For the first time in its history… Barcelona is selling the name of its stadium…


For the first time in its history, but for a charitable purpose, Barcelona decided on Tuesday to sell the rights to the name of its stadium, “Camp Nou”.
The Barcelona club aims to sell the rights to the name of its stadium, which is conditional for one year, in order to raise funds to fight the new coronavirus, because the executive council of the Catalan club has announced that it will donate the amounts that will be collected by selling the property rights to Camp Nou to fight the global epidemic.
Barcelona’s stronghold, the Camp Nou stadium, inaugurated in 1957, is the largest football stadium in Europe with over 99,000 seats.
Club vice president Jordi Cardoner told The Associated Press: “We want to send a global message: for the first time, someone will put their name on Camp Nou, and the income will go to all of humanity, not just Barcelona. “
He added: “The initiative was born in an emergency. We believe that we must have a very rapid response and put our crown jewel into service (the fight against the virus)”.
It is worth noting that the Barcelona club plans to sell property rights to the stadium during the 2023-2024 season hoping it will return the equivalent of $326 million, prepaid through a 25-year contract, to pay for renovations to the stadium and other facilities.

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