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Djokovic rejects the “Corona vaccine” before playing.

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Djokovic refuses to use the “Corona vaccine” before playing.

World number one Novak Djokovic believes he could face a dilemma if it becomes necessary for players to receive a vaccine against the coronavirus before resuming competition this season considering the pandemic.
Djokovic said in a discussion on “Facebook” with a group of athletes in Serbia on Sunday: I am against getting a vaccine and I do not want anyone to compel me to receive a vaccine for travel, but if it becomes an obligation,
What will happen? After that I will have to decide for myself, I have ideas about it and I don’t know if some of these ideas will change at some point.
He continued: If we assume that the season will resume in July, August or September, even if it is unlikely to happen, I understand that it will be necessary to get a vaccine after the quarantine period, while there is no vaccine yet.
Medical experts expected that a widespread virus vaccine would not be available until next year, raising concerns about the possibility of not hosting tennis tournaments this year.
Wimbledon was canceled this year for the first time since World War II. So it was decided to organize the French Open from 20 September to 4 October instead of its previous date in May and June.
Djokovic started the 2020 season well and reached a climax with the Australian Open in January, bringing his total to 17 major championships and reaching 18 consecutive wins in the matches before the World Championships were suspended due to the virus.
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the 2020 European Championships have been delayed until next year by the virus, which has killed nearly 165,000 people worldwide, and tennis officials have suspended competitions until July 13.

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