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Mbappe will not exceed 35 million.

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French politician: Mbappe will not exceed 35 million after Corona.

French politician expected that the new coronavirus “COVID-19” will cause the price of player transfers to fall due to the financial crisis that will leave it, showing that the value of French star Killian Mbappe, the player of Paris Saint-Germain, may reach only 35 million.

The spread of the coronavirus has stopped football matches around the world, and major clubs have entered negotiations with their players to reduce their wages during the current period, because of the expected financial losses to stop sports activity, which may affect the next transfer market, clubs will sell players at low prices to cover the fiscal deficit.

European Co-Parliament member Daniel Cohn-Bendit said in media statements that Mbabi, which amounts to 200 million euros, would drop dramatically. He added: Mbabi will not be 200 million euros after the Corona crisis because the clubs cannot meet such an amount. I expect that Mbabi will not It costs only 35 million euros, or 40 million at most, because of the crisis in football clubs.

He added: The transfer prices will be reset because of Corona, and it will not only stop here but will extend to their annual salaries and their rights to sell pictures and ads.

This came days after press reports in Europe showed that the next transfer market would witness a sharp drop in prices, given the financial losses caused by the coronavirus on the clubs, including the large budgets.

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