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Ronaldo changed the shirts with the Roma team

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Two seasons ago, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’s top scorer, faced Roma in the Italian League, but there are a strange story and a strange story dating back to 2007 revealed by “Don” explaining the reasons for his refusal to exchange his shirt with any of the “Giallorossi” players.
In the second leg of the 2006-2007 UEFA Champions League quarter-final, Manchester United – who was playing with Ronaldo in its ranks – hosted the Italian team, and the match ended with the victory of “Red Devils” with an overwhelming result 7-1 qualified for the semi-final 8-3 with two games after To be a team the Italian capital won 2-1 again.
Ronaldo said about this match in December 2018 that “when the score was 6-0, one player begged him to stop his dribbling, while another threatened him he would harm him.”
“That is why I will not exchange my shirt with any Roma player.”
It is noteworthy that the “Madeira missile” scored two goals in the match and scored other goals, but the “El Manio” returned and then left the semi-final at the hands of Milan crowned by defeating Liverpool in the final 2-1.

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