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Hodgson warns of ways to determine the league’s fate.

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Crystal Palace coach Roy Hodgson warned against resorting to “artificial means” to determine the fate of the Premier League, considering the suspension of matches because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.
And the “COVID-19” virus has suspended most of the game’s competitions in Europe and the world, including the English Premier League, which stopped its activities for nearly a month, amid uncertainty about when health conditions will allow the matches to resume.
The former England coach confirmed in a statement directed to the London fans, on Sunday, that there is widespread support to complete the 2019-2020 championship until the end, and said, “Everyone is in complete agreement that we have to reach the end of this season.”
“We do not want artificial means to decide who will win the title, who will take part in the Champions League, who will fall and who will ascend.”
The European Union (UEFA) has previously warned national federations and associations early this month against rushing to take a decision to end the season early, warning that taking a similar step at the present time may lead to excluding the clubs of the countries concerned from its competitions in the next season.
UEFA hopes to complete the national championships in the coming weeks, knowing that it has taken a decision to postpone the Euro 2020 finals from the summer of this year to the summer of next year, to allow the season to resume locally.
The 72-year-old Hudson admitted that players need between three and four weeks to regain their fitness before the games resume, but he accepts that the period may be shorter.
Liverpool, one team Hudson took over during his career spanning over 40 years, was at the top of the Premier League standings nine games before the end of the tournament, 25 points behind his closest rival, Manchester City, who played less.
Liverpool needs only six points, regardless of the results achieved by defending champions City, to win the league title after a wait of 30 years.
On Monday, the head of the Slovenian continental federation, Aleksander Čeferin, considered in an interview for the Slovenian newspaper “Ikeba” that Liverpool would be a hero for England, whatever the fate of the outstanding championship until at least April 30th.
I suspended English Premier League matches after the 29th stage, and Crystal Palace was 11th with 39 points, 12 points behind Bournemouth 18th, the first to lead to relegation.

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