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Corona hits Formula 1 races … participation without an audience

F1 world championships officials are considering grand prizes without fans and most likely on European circuits when the season, I have postponed whose start because of an outbreak of the Coruna virus, can begin.
I canceled the inaugural race in Australia on March 15, and I postponed all the following major prizes to the Tour de France on June 28.
Ross Brown, Formula 1 manager, said in a Sky Sports television video blog that between eight and 19 races this season is still possible.
At the moment we are thinking about the possibility of races without fans and how we can get teams to the circuits and protect them and make faces safe and who may enter the garage. We study all possibilities.
Last month, I scheduled the Bahrain Race without Fans for the first time in sports history before I postponed it.
Formula 1 officials decided to extend the August-March holiday and extend it until May to prepare a revised schedule during the European summer and the possibility of running races in two consecutive weeks until the start of the new year.
Brown pointed out that safety and travel are the most prominent problems so far and that the start of the season in Europe is the closest possibility even considering the comprehensive isolation in some countries and restrictions on travel to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
“An isolated environment can be obtained with the teams arriving in private planes, transporting them directly to the arenas and subjecting everyone to detect the virus, and once they are certain that they are not ill, there are no risks, and races are held without fans.”
“This is not a great thing, but I think it is a better solution than not racing at all.”
“I think we should remember millions of people are already following sports from homes … the possibility of the season starting and the fans enjoying it will be a catalyst considering the current crisis,” he added.

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