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A Belarus team puts virtual fans on its runways to fight Corona

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Dynamo Brest club of Belarus put statues in its stands with pictures of its fans to enhance the atmosphere of matches with many fans staying in their homes because of the pandemic of the coronavirus.
The only professional league in Belarus is still active in Europe, as President Alexander Lukashenko has shown limited interest in the pandemic and sees no need for public closings to prevent the spread of the virus.
The championship in Belarus is one of the least brilliant local championships in Europe, and one of its clubs rarely qualifies for advanced levels in continental championships.
But in the meantime, he is receiving attention as it fills the void of fans of other countries eager to follow up on the stalled local matches, as the League concluded agreements to broadcast it outside the country.,
However, many local fans feared the pandemic more than President Lukashenko, so she stopped attending matches.
The club resorted to an innovative idea by inviting its fans from all over the world to buy virtual tickets online and in return putting pictures of the fans on the face of the statues of the show sitting in the stands, while the club sends a magazine containing match day events for the fans to their homes, and the value of tickets will be donated to fight the coronavirus.

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