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Mourinho admits that he violated the rules of quarantine

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Mourinho admits that he violated the rules of quarantine in England and did not apologize.
Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has admitted to breaching the safety rules imposed by the English authorities in response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mourinho was photographed in a training session at Hadley Common Park in London with a number of his team, Tottenham, on Tuesday, despite the government’s instructions to train individually or with family members because of Corona.

The Portuguese coach issued a statement today admitting to violating the guidelines set by the government, but he did not apologize for this error.

“Indeed, what I have done is not in line with government guidelines and we just have to communicate with our family members,” Mourinho said. “It is necessary that we all play our part and follow government guidelines in order to support our heroes in the service of national health and to save lives.”

Tottenham announced that they had asked their players to respect the government’s guidelines for social separation, and a club spokesman said, “We reminded all our players to respect social separation in practice. We will continue to confirm this message.”

The Premier League rivalry has been stalled since last month due to the Corona pandemic, and the government has asked people to stay in homes to help reduce the spread of the virus.

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