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Will the Corona crisis send Ronaldo back to Real Madrid?

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The Corona Virus crisis continues to cast a heavy negative shadow on football clubs around the world, which has caused many major clubs to review the salaries of their stars.
In light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Italy, which has turned into a hotbed of the virus, reports have spoken of the possibility of Juventus club abandoning its star Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the newspaper “Maca” Spanish, on Tuesday.
Despite reports that Ronaldo might return to Real Madrid in the event, Juventus abandoned him, the club is not considering a return to one of his former superstars.
The relationship between Ronaldo and Real Madrid is still close, especially with club manager Florentino Perez, and I invited the player to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to watch the El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid last March.
But in contrast, Ronaldo did not maintain strong ties with many of his former teammates at Real Madrid, especially after his comments about Luka Modric’s winning the Ballon door in 2018. Only Marcelo is still close to him.
Moreover, Cristiano left Real Madrid in search of new challenges, after conflicts with the club, and others with the Tax Authority in Spain, especially in the last months before his departure.
In addition to all this, Juventus gave Cristiano (35 years) exactly what he wanted, whether in terms of salary or the duration of the contract, which makes his departure from it almost impossible.

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