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Dybala renewed infection Corona after recovering two days!

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Juventus’s girlfriend Paulo Dybala’s girlfriend revealed that they had contracted the coronavirus only two days after they had tested positive for it.
Diana’s friend Oriana Sabatini said: 3 days ago we had a test and the result was negative and yesterday morning we conducted another test to confirm our recovery, but the result appeared positive! It feels strange because Paulo and I have completed 15 days so it is not logical that we will continue to do so, yet we are fine and will continue to stay at home.
“If you think you have the virus, stay at home for at least 15 days, we still take care of ourselves,” Sabatini added.
Dybala and his girlfriend announced their HIV infection in the middle of last month and remained in quarantine, as Italy is the epicenter of the renewed epidemic on the European continent.

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