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Because of Corona … replacing the rackets with electronic devices at the Madrid Tennis Championship

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The most prominent tennis players in the world will replace the speculative world with electronic controllers after the organizers canceled the Madrid Open tennis tournament and to set up a virtual competition to collect donations for professionals affected by the coronavirus.
The tennis season stopped in early March, because of the coronavirus pandemic, which caused players suffering in the lower levels due to the lack of any income for them considering the full dependence on the tournaments rewards.
The Union of Professional Players and the Professional Women Union stopped all competitions until mid-July, at least considering the existence of general isolation procedures in many countries and the suspension of flights.
The cancellation included the Madrid Open Championship, which was supposed to be held at the beginning of May and has a total prize fund of $8.3 million.
The Professional Players Association said it will hold an online tournament from 27 to 30 April “with the participation of the world’s top tennis stars by playing from home”.

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