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The Man City star apologizes after violating the house insulation instructions

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker apologized for violating the domestic isolation rules imposed in England during the current period because of the emerging coronavirus.

The apology of the 29-year-old defender, after newspaper reports that he had performed a party at his home last week, came in clear violation of the British government’s instructions to keep home and adopt measures of social separation.
“I realize that my position as a professional soccer player carries with him the responsibility of setting an example … Therefore, I want to apologize to my family, my friends, the football club, the fans, and the community, because I failed them,” Walker said in his statement.
The international defender continued: “There are heroes who make a vital difference to society today (referring to health care workers), and last week I helped support them and shed light on their amazing sacrifices and their work that saves people’s lives.”
In a separate statement, City confirmed that it would adopt measures against Walker.
“Our employees and players continue to work to support the amazing efforts of the National Health Service and other key workers in combating the effects of  COVID-19 + by any means. What Kyle has done in this regard directly contradicts these efforts,” the North Club said in a statement.
He added: “I disappointed us to hear these allegations, we noted Kyle’s quick statement and his apology, and we will conduct internal disciplinary action in the coming days.”
Walker became the second player in one of the Premier League clubs, to be found in violation of health instructions in the current period to combat the “COVID-19” outbreak, which caused more than 65 thousand declared deaths around the world until Sunday.
Aston Villa leader Jack Grealish had found himself in a similar situation after spreading to him on social media, photos outside his home, hours after he published a video inviting fans to stay in their homes and support efforts to combat the epidemic.
This comes considering the stopping imposed by the new coronavirus on various sports activities worldwide, including English football, I have suspended whose competitions until their resumption is “possible in a safe and manner.”

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