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Officially.Liverpool is backing from its controversial..

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Liverpool, the Premier League club, has announced its retreat from its controversial decision to impose partial unemployment on its employees, due to the conditions in the global sports arena and Britain in particular, because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, after widespread criticism of the club because of making these decisions.
Liverpool CEO Bert Moore wrote a lengthy message to the fans posted on Liverpool’s website, saying: “We think we came to the wrong conclusion last week, and we deeply regret it.”
Liverpool has come under heavy criticism for taking advantage of the government’s plan, which has pledged to pay 80% of the wages of employees who were granted leave by their companies for the global health crisis, including former Liverpool defender Jimmy Carragher, who confirmed in press statements that the decision may harm the club’s reputation.
Manchester City was the first club in the English Premier League, which declared not to go in this direction, and the obligation to pay the salaries of employees in full, without resorting to government.

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