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Is Selena Gomez pregnant? A video on Tiktok panics the web.

There are many rumors that Selena Gomez is pregnant but is it true? And how not to suspect such a dramatic situation if the singer has recently started to appear in public in unusual outfits for her. At the same time, we were, until then, rather…

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The Munsters Rob Zombie Lily Munster

After some rumors that have appeared on the internet in recent weeks, the American heavy metal director, producer and musician have confirmed on his social networks that his next film project will be an adaptation of "The Munsters," one of the most…

César 2021: Corinne Masiero, the naked culture

The French actress, Corinne Masiero, shocked the audience and the audience at the "Cesar Awards" ceremony in the French capital, Paris, after she took off all her clothes and appeared naked, with expressions of "protest" on her body.…

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